Board of Directors

A small and flexible team of highly-experienced company directors provides the focus and guidance behind our company, maintaining a critical balance of perspectives.

From left to right:

Independent Director & Chairman

Managing Director  

Construction Director  

Independent Director

Independent Director

Senior Management

Decision Makers

Drawn from diverse backgrounds and nurtured within the company, our experienced management team supports the efficient and effective operation of the business, while leading and supporting the many people who contribute to the success of our projects.

Kim Barrett

Managing Director

Robbie Wilson

Construction Director

Jason Kearns

Chief Financial Officer

Jay Courtenay

Estimating Manager

Frank Simons

Contracts Manager

Richard Powell

Contracts Manager

Ryan Oldham

Senior Quantity Surveyor

Steve Ruby

Design + Build Manager

John Morris

General Manager - Properties

Craig McGuigan

General Manager - Property Services


We are always on the lookout for exceptional talent.


A great future

In 1946 George Haydn and George Rollett developed a management philosophy based on empowering people, treating them with respect, and recognising and rewarding effort. Revolutionary at the time, we’ve carried this philosophy through to the present day. Whether on contract or as a permanent member of staff, working with Haydn & Rollett Construction provides employees with a positive and supportive environment - allowing strong personal and professional growth.

Employee benefits

We treat our people well, and we reward them for their efforts, because we know that without good people and great teamwork, our business wouldn’t exist. We provide our staff opportunities to grow and develop, while also providing strong support systems to nurture this growth.

Great benefits

Without great people and even better teamwork we know our business wouldn’t exist. We treat our people well, and reward staff for performance based on their level of responsibility.

Family friendly policies

We recognise that while we continually strive to ensure Haydn & Rollett is a great place to work, we will retain valuable staff by ensuring a good work/life balance.  Our commitment to this philosophy is reflected in our flexible approach to work hours.

Haydn & Rollett has a programme to sponsor our children’s sports teams. Our support and encouragement of an active employee social club ensures our staff and their families have opportunities to meet and relax at regular organised events.


Email us for more information on our apprenticeship program.


Commitment to the industry

While many construction companies have cut their apprenticeship schemes, Haydn & Rollett Construction’s commitment to the industry has seen us maintain and build our programme. We retain a ratio of one apprentice to every four carpenters on our permanent staff. Once on board, apprentices spend four years with us learning the tools of the trade first-hand in a supportive learning environment. Skills learned cover the full range of construction activity, from on-site carpentry to detailed joinery work in our joinery factory. At the end of their apprenticeship, Haydn & Rollett Construction apprentices have a thorough grounding in the trade, setting a strong foundation for a great future.