Our Approach

We work hard,
here’s how

Deeply embedded in our approach is a sense of family. Over the 75 years of building, we’ve always taken an inter-generational approach in almost everything we do; from the quality of how we build to the longstanding client relationships we build for.

It’s been a journey of successive leaderships and long-serving teams in the creation of a special legacy of how we do business. For us it is all about the evolution of the core business and its refinement over successive generations of teams. The new sustainable buildings of today are where people want to live work and play successfully. From new-age student campuses to airy light-filled factories where one wants to work, each project is addressed with people in mind. The efficiency of space and materials, its longevity, maintenance and successful ownership means we don't walk away and leave things to chance.





Over time, we have arrived at being able to sit down and negotiate with trust in all the work we do. However, with this opportunity and obligation comes a great burden in that there can be no one else to blame but ourselves. We must lean into every challenge.

Contrary to a blame culture prevalent within the industry, we put integrated delivery teams together and take everyone along in the best shape possible to cross the finish line well.

Our clients want someone to care about their business and fight in their corner. This attitude and approach to a project is our point of difference; we are rewarded for good behaviour.

Every building is a journey and nearly all our clients have come back over the years. We've been through many ups and downs together, confronted challenges and opportunities, and dealt with them. These trusted partnerships are of great value in that every project has its moments and in an age of growing complexity, it's about how you recover as a wider team.

Our scale of projects has grown with the reputation of Haydn & Rollett, in consistently delivering quality buildings. We have become associated with many leading businesses and brands where the excellence and the standards they demand has meant our teams have had to step up and deliver well. Leading international wholesaler, Sistema’s world class modern manufacturing facilities, Carlaw Park stage 3, the student campus for the University of Auckland, are naming a few. Our longest relationship is with PFI (Property for Industry), where we have been consecutively building for them for over 25 years.

We are committed to achieving excellence together.

Our History

For more than 75 years, we’ve been building New Zealand.

Our enduring sense of family from the very beginning has built a resilience in taking on the many challenges over the years, from economic downturns to Covid pandemics.

Unlike the short cycles of the current market players, everything we do is seen through a long lens. Responding to the market, growing our people, we’ve been steadily evolving since 1946.


Our transparency and openness have earned a strong position of trust in the construction and property industry, resulting in a growing credibility that we can deliver projects of high quality, at significant scale.


Our Achievements

We have a breadth of knowledge gained through decades of experience.

As we have grown, the business has become more sophisticated, demanding a greater level of discipline and expertise across a wider field of construction. We now have a broader understanding of all the elements required to build well and deliver end-to-end solutions.

This breadth of skills is unique to us, in that we are vertically integrated intergenerational property owners ourselves, and know the value of building well for the long term. We don’t simply sit on one side of the table as builders, we know what it takes to deliver every step towards the long-term ownership of a quality building.


Everyone would like to put together a fully integrated team and deliver turnkey projects, but it can’t be done without a culture of implicit trust which takes years to earn, understand, and appreciate the value. It’s where no one gets left behind on the field.

From due diligence on bare ground, to long-term ownership and management of buildings, we have the skills and professionalism to begin and end well, responding to the market pressures and ever-changing demands.


Our communities

Our Communities

We believe it’s vital to be part of the fabric of the communities where we live.

We don’t believe you make money by taking it off others. We have built a fair and equitable ecosystem of sub-contractors, many of whom have been with us for decades now.

Our suppliers think in a similar way to ourselves, and we have like-for-like alignment in our ideals about delivering quality buildings with all their growing complexity and moving parts. We define community to include all the different teams it takes to finish a building well. It's our view of the world that you cannot achieve it without mutual loyalty.


We are committed to the educational development and wellbeing of our communities through sponsorship.  We proudly sponsor organisations that align with our values, like the Keystone Trust, who support young people held back by inequality to ensure they get the education they deserve.

Construction is a team-based endeavour.  Participation in sporting and cultural teams promotes teamwork, shared successes, fair play and an active lifestyle.  We sponsor and support a wide range of organisations focused on youth sports and cultural teams in our wider communities as they are our future.


Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Our goal is always to have zero harm for our staff and minimal impact on our natural environment.

A safe workplace

At Haydn & Rollett we understand that a safe workplace not only protects our team it produces a good site culture that benefits our people and projects as a whole. Our safety culture extends to all parties involved in our construction projects, from clients to subcontractors and additional tradespeople onsite. Our people are constantly being up skilled and reminded about the importance and practical management of safety in the workplace. By encouraging 3rd party and independent auditing of our construction sites and systems we test ourselves against industry standards and established codes of practice.

We pride ourselves on an excellent health and safety record, as well as providing support networks like Mates in Construction and free wellness support services, which reflects that the safety of our people is a core value in our company philosophy.

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Taking care of our environment

Within our own business and on the construction of any new building or development, our goal is always to have minimal impact on our natural environment.

Thinking environmentally is part of the Haydn & Rollett culture, which starts from the planning stage all the way through to delivery.  To us, maximising environmental sustainability is a matter of pride and a hallmark of many of our developments.

Examples of our sustainable buildings can been found here