Waitakere Estate

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Accommodation /
Multi-dwelling Units

573 Scenic Drive

Heritage Collection
Waitakere Estate

$3.8 Million

14 Months

Engineer /
Sullivan Hall

There are easier places to access than
Waitakere Estate, sited at the end of a
narrow two kilometre-long driveway deep
in West Auckland’s heavily forested ranges.
For the Haydn and Rollett team tasked with
building a new accommodation block for the
upmarket hotel, the remote location made
bringing in materials and precast panels
trickier than your typical project. There
were also design changes that caused some
issues, and a fair number of days lost to rain.

Work began with the demolition of the
retreat’s existing squash court and gym
facilities. In its place, the team constructed
a three-storey wing of concrete, structural
steel and a timber truss roof, comprised

of a basement gym, sauna and health spa,
topped by eight deluxe suites, plus an air
bridge connecting the new wing with the rest
of the hotel. The exterior was clad in a mix
of stone plaster and vertical shiplap timber,
while the internal finishing was uniformly
high-end. Each suite was fitted with a glazed
balcony offering spectacular views of the
surrounding ranges and distant city.

Following this multi-million dollar
revamp, the venue is now for sale.