Stuart McCutcheon House

Accommodation / Residential, Multi-dwelling Units

Stuart McCutcheon House


Accommodation / Residential

28-38 Stanley Street,

Development Partners
Haydn & Rollett
Reidy & Co

Ergon Properties Ltd

Investment Value
$250 Million

34 Months

Architects /
Ashton Mitchell

Structural /
Mott MacDonald

For the latest stage of the Carlaw Park student village, Haydn and Rollett was up against an unforgiving clock. The deadline, established with the University of Auckland in 2019, well before the advent of the Covid pandemic, was that the ten-storey building had to be formally handed over by Feb 1, 2023 in time for the start of the academic year. Late delivery was not an option, and that fact didn’t change even as Auckland went into multiple lockdowns and Covid wreaked havoc with the supply chain.

In response, Haydn & Rollett worked hard to find time savings, mostly by clever sequencing of the structural works. By taking a dual-floor construction approach, for instance, weeks were shaved off the programme. Speed was also generated using fully finished concrete cladding panels, which once craned into position were essentially ready to go, with windows pre-installed. Thanks to thorough worst-case planning, the team was also able to mitigate delays caused by curveballs such as Auckland’s historically wet 2022 winter.

This third stage of Carlaw Park adds another 907 bedrooms across 203 mostly four- and five-bedroom apartments, and is a step up from its predecessors in terms of specifications, with an even stronger focus on delivering both functional and visually engaging spaces. On the ground floors, colour accents have been used to demarcate various common areas, while dynamic wall joinery adds interest to corridor spaces. As for the sunny turfed outdoor courtyard, which is enclosed on all sides to mitigate traffic noise from Stanley St, it promises to be a magnet for students enjoying downtime.

Moving beyond the ground floor, the attention to detail continues, with each floor subtly colour-coded either green, blue or red. The bedrooms, meanwhile, are relatively generously sized for student accommodation at 10 square metres, and the apartments include energy-saving light fittings, ventilation systems and heat pumps and good sound management to mitigate road noise.

In recognition of Stuart McCutcheon's leadership contribution with the University of Auckland and then his subsequent contribution to Haydn & Rollett and Ergon Properties, we are pleased to announce the renaming of this building to "Stuart McCutcheon House".

2023 Property Council NZ - Multi-Unit Residential, Best in Category

2024 NZ Commercial Project Awards Residential, Gold and BIM Award