Shade 7


Shade 7

Property Services


1096 Great South Road
Mt Wellington

Shade 7

$1.5 Million

16 weeks

Architect /
Space Works

Engineer /
MSC Consulting

This project was not so much a makeover as a major overhaul of a Mt Wellington building that had previously been set up as a car sales yard, involving extensive demolition works followed by a top-to-toe remake. It was a game of two halves, with the new owner engaging Haydn & Rollett to create a showroom for his outdoor living business on one side, while revamping the building’s other half for the original tenant.

On the Shade 7 side, the team began by gutting the existing setup. Once completed, they upgraded the lighting and installed a fire alarm system, built a new office and created a showroom space.

The other half of the project was equally intensive, with the original car yard offices and amenities demolished and replaced with a new office, toilets, kitchen and lunchroom. The building’s exterior was painted and the property landscaped. Although relatively straightforward on paper, the job was complicated by the need to maintain the car sales business as a live operation.