The Roofing Store



212 Cavendish Drive,

Property For Industry

$5.9 Million

9 months

Architects /
T Plus Architects

Structural + Civil /
MSC Consulting

Mechanical /
Thurston Consulting

Designed by T Plus Architects and
built by Haydn & Rollett over nine
months, this warehouse and office
complex in the heart of Wiri’s industrial
zone is the new headquarters for
national steel roofing and cladding
manufacturer The Roofing Store.

The office, which Haydn & Rollett took
through to a painted and carpeted
shell to be fitted out by the tenant,
is notable for the angular metal-clad
exterior screen on the streetside, and
for its seamless link to the adjacent
industrial structure. As for the
warehouse, a 400mm slab had to be
poured for the back third to take the
heavy loads involved in processing
coils of raw steel into roofing and
cladding products. Because of
ground conditions, that extra-thick
slab sits on an array of screw piles.

One unique aspect of this project,
driven by the tenant’s desire to
showcase its products, is the paint
finish of the cladding. In the case
of the office, the grey metal screen
has a linen-like texture, while the
warehouse’s apricot-coloured cladding
has the appearance of wood grain.

The project’s location, beside Cavendish
Drive and on an internal road servicing
several busy industrial businesses,
required a traffic management plan
that minimised disruption. That was
achieved with little fuss, and the $5.9
million project as a whole went equally
smoothly, thanks to a good, cooperative
working relationship between the
client and the consultants and builder.