O.K.L.A. - On Kaipiho Lane Albany

Accommodation / Residential

O.K.L.A. - On Kaipiho Lane Albany


Accommodation / Residential

3 Kaipiho Lane,


$43  Million

2  Years

Architects /

Structural /
WSP Opus

Mechanical /
Thurston Consulting

Designed by Ignite Architects, this distinctive V-shaped apartment building sits across from Hooton Reserve at the northern end of Albany, in Kaipiho Lane – hence the building’s name ‘OKLA’, for ‘On Kaipiho Lane Albany’.

In the initial stages, Haydn & Rolllett’s onsite team had to take care around an existing keystone retaining wall, but otherwise piling and preliminary work proceeded smoothly.

This was a large project, involving 117 one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments, plus some ground-floor retail/hospitality. Also challenging was the labour-intensive nature of the various cladding systems, which include

terracotta tiling and white XpressClad used decoratively near the main entrance, as well as accents of pale aluminium cladding running full height along the rest of the building.

Meanwhile, the 117 apartments and the various public spaces, which include an attractive double-height lobby, had to be a high quality finish. Thanks to good systems, a close working relationship with the developer and designers, and close coordination of sub-contractors, the project was brought in on time and to a very high standard.