National Storage



86 Don McKinnon Drive,

National Storage

$21 Million

16 Months

Consultants /
Architect /
Plus Architecture

Structural /
MSC Consulting

National Storage’s new five-level lock-up storage facility beside the motorway in Albany is impressively high-tech. Customers are able to access their units using a bluetooth-compatible app on their phone, making retrieving one’s worldly possessions as frictionless an experience as possible.

Delivering the facility, however, was not quite as seamless for Haydn & Rollett, who had to contend with a particularly tricky setting. Located on a sloped and constricted site directly behind a neighbouring building with poor access down a shared driveway,

poor access down a shared driveway, the biggest challenge was always going to be getting out of the ground. As a result, a lot of planning went into construction methodology and programme sequencing to mitigate the headache of many different trades, vehicles and machinery congesting the site. Space was leased from neighbours for parking and a site office, and access was achieved for the piling rigs by ‘platforming’ down the slope.

Construction then proceeded in stages from a starting point at a back corner of the site. As well as 1100 self-contained units, the facility includes a small reception office and a carpark.