Kmart Extension

Property Services


500 Ti Rakau Drive
Botany Downs

500 Ti Rakau Ltd

$3.8 Million

10 Months

Architects /
Williams Architects

For a relatively small project, the 1000-square metre extension of the Kmart at Botany Downs and upgrade of the store entrance involved more than its share of logistical challenges. For a start, there was the difficulty of operating on a tight site, wedged between a service station and a delivery dock. Then there was the fact that the outlet is part of a larger shopping hub, with a well-used public carpark and service vehicles coming and going. The Kmart store itself is a busy one, and there was pressure to minimise disruption and hazards to customers from construction noise and activity. Finally, the project involved switching around various features of the Kmart operation in a sequence that resembled musical chairs: so, the team built a new storeroom and office, moved everyone out of the old office, demolished it, converted the previous storeroom into a new shop floor area, and so on, through half-a-dozen stages. The key to pulling all of this off was

Haydn & Rollett’s effective communication and
coordination – and the ability to be flexible,
with much of the work done after hours.
During trading times, a traffic management
plan was in place and carparking was diverted.

Meanwhile, the upgrade of the entrance,
which required a new parapeted façade and
bigger and better signage, put the onus on
Haydn & Rollett to ensure that the scaffolding
-based work was safe for the visiting public.
With the Australian-based retailer keen to
be kept fully informed on this and all other
aspects throughout the seven-month project,
there was more than the usual amount
of paperwork.

Under pressure to be finished in time for
the Christmas shopping season, the Project
team delivered on time and to a high level,
while also completing seismic upgrading of
the client landlord’s adjacent buildings.