The Golf Warehouse - Ellerslie

Property Services


Ellerslie Race Course
68 Ascot Avenue, Ellerslie

Golf Warehouse

$2 Million

9 Months

Architect /
TOA  Architects

Engineer /
Howell & Associates

Seen from above, the Golf Warehouse’s new 30-bay covered driving range at Ellerslie resembles an enormous pair of wings poised to take off from the Ellerslie racing course’s vast infield. Architecturally designed and equipped with ‘Track Tee’ and other cutting-edge golf-as-entertainment technology, the driving range was one element of a four-part project undertaken by Haydn & Rollett in 2019 to revitalise Golf Warehouse’s existing operation at Ellerslie. Other jobs included building a new carpark and stormwater facilities, refurbishing the bathrooms and building a new pro shop and fitting studio.

From the start, the project team was focused on getting everything operational by Christmas, in time for the Golf Warehouse’s busiest season. The tight programme became even more challenging when initial drilling encountered a shallow layer of hard basalt, although the slow start was soon overcome. 


The project’s other big challenges included the need to maintain an efficient and safe building process even while the Golf Warehouse remained open for business, and the fact that Haydn & Rollett had never built a golf driving range – and neither had the client. The former was solved through a mix of sequencing and careful site management. The latter involved a fair bit of problem solving, as well as plenty of conversations with the client to keep the build on track and within budget.