Fairview Manufacturing Facility



Industrial / Commercial

100 Carbine Road
Mt Wellington


$22.3 Million

13 Months

Architects /
Woodhams Meikle Zhan

Structural /
MSC Consultants

Civil /

Mechanical /
Thurston Consulting

There was an echo of Haydn & Rollett’s 2017 work for Sistema in this office and warehouse build in South Auckland, not least in the depth of Haydn & Rollett’s engagement with its client – in this case, window and door manufacturer Fairview. The project began with Haydn & Rollett drawing on its development experience to help Fairview assess the feasibility of the proposed site, and continued right through the design, consenting and delivery phases – an end-to-end partnership that was big on trust and transparency.  

That level of engagement was particularly valuable here because this was not a straightforward project, involving the demolition of existing offices and part of a warehouse, asbestos decontamination of the site, and construction of a new office and partial warehouse. 

Work on the manufacturing part of the facility was complicated by shallow basalt onsite, and by the need to stitch the new warehouse into the remnant of the old, the latter requiring careful planning. 

As for the office, it was designed with a triple-glazed, two-storey façade that showcases Fairview’s specialist expertise. The glazing is bordered by spans of bevelled precast concrete, while a set of double-height aluminium louvres adjacent to the entrance adds more visual interest.