Donnor Place

Property Services


6 Donnor Place
Mt Wellington

Property for Industry

$5.7 Million over 3 stages

12 Months

Architect /
T Plus

Engineer /
MSC Consulting

The first stage of this three-stage warehouse refurbishment in Mt Wellington involved something of a role reversal for Haydn & Rollett. Rather than building new, the team was tasked with deconstructing 9000m2 of demobilised space, gutting a warehouse that had previously been occupied by a commercial printing operation, tidying up the slab and stripping out and reinstating basic services such as sprinklers and power. 

More challengingly, stage one also included a nine-months-long procedure to clear the building of asbestos. More than a kilometre of asbestos rope was eventually removed from precast panel joints, followed by a thorough cleaning, testing and retesting process overseen by specialist third party consultants. Once an area was confirmed free of asbestos, it was resealed, and the exercise was repeated. 


Stage two was more familiar territory, entailing the addition of 800m2 of steel canopy to the existing warehouse and the creation of a new yard slab.
The final stage involved a challenging seismic upgrade of the administrative area. Something like 60 tonnes of steel went into a new structural skeleton that was retrofitted into the existing offices, an exercise that required significant excavation of the ground floor. 

For the client, the project has produced a more desirable, seismically robust and asbestos-free industrial space to lease to blue-chip tenants.