Cardinal Tidal Road

Design + Build


74 Tidal Road,

Cardinal Logistics

$12 Million

8 Months

Consultants /
Architect /
T Plus

Structural /
MSC Consultants

This industrial build for Cardinal Logistics involved the construction of two warehouses separated by a large container yard. The plan envisaged that the smaller of the two buildings would operate as a dispatch zone, with the larger 3500m2 warehouse at the back of the site to be used for pallet storage.

Both warehouses were fairly straightforward builds, but the project wasn’t without its challenges. For a start, it coincided with work by another contractor on the neighbouring site, including the raising of 14-metre high concrete panels right on the boundary. To ensure both sites ran safely, Haydn & Rollett and the other contractor communicated closely from the outset and coordinated schedules.

The sheer volume of concrete here required some large pours. In the case of the container yard, there were four separate pours, each of 400 cubic metres, to create a super robust, 280mm thick slab capable of bearing the weight of some very large trucks and heavy equipment. Similarly, all of the manholes were reinforced with mass filled concrete around each one, as well as half a metre of reinforced concrete above. As a result, a good portion of the time and capital invested in this project lies below ground, unseen but absolutey vital.