Cardinal Logistics - Christchurch Stage 2

Design + Build


Waterloo Business Park, Christchurch

Cardinal Logistics

$6 Million

9 Months

Consultants /
MSC Consultants

A prevailing theme of Haydn & Rollett’s
previous work building for Cardinal Logistics was strong consultation with the client. Of necessity, that was also the case with this extension to the company’s warehouse at Waterloo Park in Christchurch, where the big challenge was how to maintain unimpeded access for Cardinal Logistics’ fleet in the middle of a live building site.

Haydn & Rollett constructed the existing 10,000 square metre warehouse and office in 2016, at a time when Cardinal Logistics was experiencing rapid expansion (the new facility was four times larger than Cardinal Logistics’ previous Christchurch hub). Recognising ongoing growth, last year’s work involved extending the 2016 building
line to create a further 5000 square metres of warehousing, as well as adding 1800-odd square metres of canopy and a $1.9 million
container yard.

Complicating the picture, however, was that access for Cardinal Logistics’ trucks was by way of a road running through where the extension was to join the existing building.  A new road was planned as part of the project, but in the meantime the  trucks really couldn’t be delayed.

The solution involved resequencing the programme, with the closing connection of the existing building and the extension left until the end. Instead of starting by erecting concrete precast panels, the team first built the steel frame, which was later bolted to the precast. Once the bulk of the extension was completed and the new road sealed, the old access road was removed and the two buildings were joined as one.

Throughout, the project team was in daily communication with Cardinal Logistics’ senior management to make sure everyone was on the same  page, and that the site was safely operated. Thanks to that close relationship and a tightly-run site, the project was happily incident-free.