Botanica Apartments

Accommodation / Residential, Retail

Botanica Apartments


Accommodation / Residential

Enfield Street, Mt Eden

Thirty Enfield Ltd

$26 Million

24 Months

Architects /
Peddle Thorp

Structural /
Mott MacDonald

A ‘green oasis’ – that’s the tagline for Botanica, an intricately landscaped mixed-use complex developed alongside the Botanica Heritage project in Mt Eden.

Another joint venture between Haydn & Rollett and McDougall Reidy & Co, the Peddle Thorp designed building incorporates three commercial units, a basement carpark and 67 apartments of various sizes, some with private garden courtyards. Eventually, the Homestar 6-rated building will be cloaked in lush vines climbing through the exterior steel framing – a green building in more than ways than one.

For the Haydn & Rollett team, one of the stand-out features of this project was the amount of coordination required to get the landscaping to work within the built structure. Another was the level of detailing involved on the façade, especially around junctions of balconies and sliders, which required some ‘on-the-go’ revisions.

The balconies themselves were no easy task. Each made of a pair of pre-cast concrete slabs given a factory polish, they were stitched together by concrete poured in situ, then had to be polished again for a consistent look, with the lifting eyes filled and finished. Meanwhile, installing the balconies entailed closing the footpath and a road lane.

Both traffic and neighbourly relations had to be closely managed. Finally, the use of passive fire protection features necessitated a greater-than-usual number of council compliance inspections, which at times slowed progress. But the end product was worth waiting for: a high-quality and unique development, with a green twist.