7 Winston Place

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7 Winston Place

RB&CL Penny Family Trust


5 Months

Architects /
Cato Bolam

Structural /
MSC Consulting

On the face of it, extending a warehouse is a straightforward affair. In the case of this project in Henderson, however, there were a number of complicating factors. The first was the site itself, a narrow property with congested access set above a bush-lined creek. To minimise risk of runoff, the team installed a silt fence. The existence of a council-owned stormwater drain at the rear of the site required significant piling and foundation design work, while careful planning went in to ensuring safe access to complete the building’s envelope given its close proximity to a steep slope above the creek and the tree line.

Another potential headache was the fact that the tenant, a plumbing supplies outfit, kept operating while the warehouse was extended at one end. Haydn & Rollett’s team was able to minimise disruption and keep the building entirely watertight throughout the process by thoughtful staging. (Rather than demolish the back wall at the start, for example, it was left until after the extension had been constructed and fully enclosed.) Finally, they had to accommodate layout and space considerations imposed by the tenant’s existing racking system. Not so straightforward, after all.