314 Neilson Street



314 Neilson Street

Property for Industry

$5 Million

10 Months

Consultants /
Architect /

Structural /
MSC Consulting Group

A spec job on behalf of Property For Industry (PFI), this warehouse and office occupies a prominent spot beside a major arterial road in Onehunga, opposite the inland container port. The highly visible location demanded more attention to aesthetic considerations than your average industrial build, as seen in the simple but sharp detailing of the office wing, with its ‘cut out’ on the street-facing wall allowing light and air through to a covered verandah area. Similarly, the busy nature of the location required a thorough traffic management plan, which was rigorously adhered to through the 10 months of construction.

Site conditions posed other challenges. For a start, there was plenty of volcanic rock close to the surface that had to be broken through prior to trenching services and laying the foundations. Additionally, as a result of contamination from a fire that had burned down the previous building on the site (it involved the residue of a toxic chemical found in firefighting foam and asbestos from the old building), environmental engineers specified certain conditions for operating the site, while contaminated ground materials had to be trucked to a dedicated site.

Lastly, there were some late-in-the-piece modifications following the tenanting of the building for damaged vehicle repairs, including a set of sunken floor pits and office alterations.