270 Neilson Street


270 Neilson Street


Project Management


270 Neilson St

Sahara Limited

$28 Million

14 Months

Architect /
Woodhams Meikle Zhan

Structural /
MSC Consulting

Civil /
Calthom Consultants

Mechanical /
Thurston Consulting

Talk about dancing cheek to cheek. This 12,000 square-metre warehouse in Onehunga was designed to butt up perfectly against its existing, equally massive neighbour, with not even room for a cigarette paper between the two buildings. What might have looked easy on paper, however, proved a significant challenge for the project team building wine bottling company WineWorks’ new storage and finished goods facility at 270 Neilson St. Among the complications, the floor of the neighbouring building – WineWorks existing storage facility – drops 600mm running north to south, while the roof loses two metres. Plus, it’s not even square. In the end, smart design and plenty of determination and skill on the ground produced a trouble-free join.

The complication of marrying up two buildings was only part of what made this more than your average industrial warehouse-office project. Another standout feature was the flooring, which ranges from 190mm-thick, post-tensioned concrete inside the warehouse to a fibre-reinforced, 380mm Combi Slab in the container storage area. The former is highly polished for cleanliness and rigorously flat to allow for automated stacking in the future.
In addition to building a 180-metre long precast and metal-clad warehouse, the project called for two offices, one an internal facility at the rear, the other a two-level facility at the front, with heavy double-glazing used to block traffic noise from busy Neilson St. Despite battling one of Auckland’s wettest summers on record and suffering some site flooding, the project was delivered on time and under budget.