124 Hewletts Road



124 Hewletts Road
Mt Maunganui

Property for Industry

3.1 Million

6 Months

Architects /
Woodhams Meikle Zhan

Engineers /
MSC Consulting

Warehouse projects aren’t know for their drama, but there was definitely a touch of the spectacular in the conclusion to this enclosed canopy build in Mt Maunganui. Undertaken at a 13,000m2 bulk storage facility that Haydn & Rollett constructed a few years ago, the 150m x 30m canopy covers an existing yard between two warehouses used to store grain and fertiliser.

None of it was necessarily straightforward. Extensive surveying was required to get the detailing of the new steel portals spot-on, for instance. But the major complication arose when it became clear there would be a six-month delay in the supply of roof fans (which were required for smoke removal to meet fire standards) out of Australia.

With construction already well progressed, it was decided to push on and use a helicopter to lower the fans into prepared slots in the roof when they finally turned up. And so it went. On the big day, a chopper from the nearby airport gingerly lowered the ten half-tonne fans into place.

The other notable, if not so dramatic, feature of this project was the close and constant communication with the tenants – essential given the potentially dangerous nature of a site where heavy trucks are coming and going. On those occasions when a big shipment was due, Haydn & Rollett’s team pulled out for the duration of the unloading operation.