Sunderland at Hobsonville


Accommodation / Residential

Hobsonville Point

Willis Bond & Co

$100 Million

3 years (for ‘Sunderland A’)

Architect / Studio Pacific Architecture

Heritage Architect / Salmond Reed

Civil & Structural / Calibre

The Sunderland housing precinct in Hobsonville is looking to set new benchmarks at an already successful Hobsonville Point housing development.

Construction has stared in 2015 on the first stages which will be ready for occupation late 2015 to early 2016. This project incorporates class leading initiatives to housing production in Auckland by being one of the first Special Housing Areas (SHA) delivering homes under the new Housing accord.

Haydn & Rollett has a strong and long-standing relationship with Willis Bond & Co which has produced a unique project partnership at Sunderland that sees Haydn & Rollett providing design and project management services as well as constructing the completed designs.

Together with a strong and capable consultant team Haydn & Rollett have been able to bring to life the aspirational vision of Willis Bond & Co to create a housing precinct that we believe will be seen as the successful benchmark of housing development in New Zealand.


By incorporating energy saving initiatives in the design the project delivers housing that will perform exceptionally well for the home owner. We’re not only providing LED lights and double glazing at Sunderland; the design extends to incorporating heat pump hot water heating, storm-water recycling, thermally broken aluminium joinery and fully insulated concrete floors.

As well as new homes, the refurbishment and extension of 10 existing heritage homes will form part of the Sunderland precinct. These homes from the 1940’s will retain their heritage character and will be brought into the modern era under the careful guidance of heritage Architects.

200+ homes
10 Heritage homes